Our Team

Kevin Wilkerson, chief technology officer

Kevin Wilkerson is the founder and chief technology officer of the Digital Cash Alliance. He has been developing technologies to help people escape the grasp of the state for decades. He is systems architect, software developer, and author. He has three decades of programming experience in various computer languages. He is a former freedom movement political activist and has been involved in a number of free market business enterprises.

Tyrone Johnson, marketing and business development

Tyrone Johnson is the Digital Cash Alliance lead for marketing and business development. He has experience in business operations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. Johnson has a classical education in the arts and sciences and a graduate degree in business. He has worked in mainstream banking, alternative currencies, technology development, and management consulting. His articles have been published at The Libertarian Enterprise and Liberty.me. He recently began writing for online industry resource Coinbrief.net.

Justin Turrell, technical consultant

Justin Turrell is a technical consultant for the Digital Cash Alliance, and the tech lead for SilentVault. After a long stint working for the global corporatocracy, Justin emerged with a firm conviction that working within the matrix of a corrupt, oppressive system was a game for suckers without values. Moving abruptly into the agorist underground economy, Justin has spent the past fifteen years developing software supporting privacy, strong crypto, alternative currencies, and private markets. As Justin said in November 2014, "If your technology doesn't allow you to escape the grasp of the state, then you need to rethink your technology, not your jurisdiction."