Voucher Publishers

So, who wants to run their own private money payment system?

The issuance of money is an economic and social function which is obviously (at this point) far too important to be left to the mendacious vagaries of government monopolies. What the Voucher-Safe digital cash architecture fundamentally represents is the ability to bring the function of issuing and circulating money back into the private sector, where it belongs. Moreover all digital money needs to be as anonymous and untraceable as physical cash. The mint and the payment system need always to be separated. A Voucher-Publisher's network provides the p2p anonymous payment system. The independent Issuers within that network perform the minting functions. (And possibly wholesale in and out-exchange functions as well.)

A Voucher Publisher runs their own transaction clearing system, contracts with their own Issuers and integrated Merchants, and possesses full rights to operate their network as they see fit. In short, they can become a equal clone of the DCA. The only thing they cannot do (without permission) is sell or sub-license the network software to others. Voucher Publishers compete with one another in establishing new Issuers, and opening up new markets.

This undertaking obviously requires a tremendous amount of integrity, and mad technical skills to understand how to set up and administer the network. (We can of course provide consulting assistance in this regard.) Because the Voucher-Safe server technology was developed over a period of years, is unlike anything else available today, and would undoubtedly cost tens of $millions to develop from scratch, this capability is not made available cheaply. Voucher Publishers are licensed by the Ascension Foundation.

Because these terms will require detailed negotiation, and the establishment of a contractual relationship between Ascension and the Voucher Publisher, we cannot offer this product for sale on this site. If you are interested in becoming a digital cash Issuer, or would like more information, please use our Contact Page to let us know. We would be delighted to refer you to the folks at the Ascension Foundation.