Integrated Marketplace Merchants

The digital cash wallet client features a "Marketplace" tab, on which a list of integrated businesses appear. Users who are logged into a wallet can select an additional security PIN and connect to these market services right inside the wallet app, without needing to go to an external merchant website. They can also spend vouchers directly to or from their wallet's account at that Merchant, without having to go through a web-based merchant payment gateway (e.g. OnionPay). A sample Marketplace application, the ABC Game (a coin-tossing gambling app based around bitcoin), is available on the test network as a demo. It can be accessed using the SVSpark or DCSpark wallet clients.

In order to become integrated this way, the Merchant must develop a server plugin for Openfire, and a client plugin for Spark, which work together to implement the SVM API (SilentVault Marketplace interface). This allows the Merchant to provide a suitable user interface within the wallet client for the customer to access whatever products or services are provided by the Merchant. It can be thought of as a public darknet "website" provided without the need for a domain, using XMPP protocol extensions, visible only to digital cash wallet users. (This is even more secure than a TOR hidden service!)

Becoming a Marketplace Merchant requires the technical ability to develop plugins which confirm to the APIs for Openfire (the XMPP server), Spark (the XMPP client), and the SVM (Marketplace interface). This implies advanced Java coding abilities. There is also a registration fee of US $10,000, which gets an approved Marketplace application into the network configuration so it will appear in the drop-down list. This fee also includes:

A Merchant may also elect to become an Issuing Merchant. This additional option allows the Merchant to issue their own version of TGOLD vouchers, representing future shares in the earnings of the business after launch. This mechanism presents an opportunity for anonymous, p2p crowdfunding of the business venture. Moreover, holders of the Merchant's funding vouchers are not obligated to keep them indefinitely; they may exchange them p2p with any willing party, at a premium or discount, by using the built-in escrow asset Exchange tab in the wallet client (the SVX).
The fee for becoming an Issuing Merchant is US $25,000. This price also includes:

Because these terms may require further negotiation, and the establishment of a contractual relationship between the DCA and the Merchant, we cannot offer this product for sale on this site. If you are interested in becoming a Marketplace Merchant, or would like more information, please use our Contact Page to let us know.