What is Token Gold?

The short version: TGOLD is a voucher asset type which represents future revenues generated by the digital cash system. It allows you to "invest," privately and anonymously, in the future success of the technology. For the longer version, keep reading.

Token Gold or TGOLD vouchers are denominated in GAU, grams of gold, (asset name TGOLD, for 'token gold'), but do not represent physical metal. Instead, they represent a claim check on future system token revenues, accrued in the asset type of a future Issuer of your choice. The servers in a Voucher Publisher's network earn fees paid in "tokens" (micro-vouchers) whenever voucher payments or other operations are performed. These servers periodically redeem their accumulated tokens for vouchers from the same Issuer. Once these vouchers derived from payment fees represent a profit, a portion of them will be applied to redeem TGOLD vouchers at face value. How? Simply by our posting trades offering a real Issuer's vouchers for TGOLD vouchers at full value in the SVX, the p2p escrow trading platform embedded right in the wallet client.

Can you sell your own TGOLD vouchers before then, the same way? Of course, at any time, and to any willing buyer. (Early on, you might find that there are only buyers if you offer to exchange at a discounted rate, though.)

Note that an "Issuing Merchant" can create their own version of TGOLD, vouchers to be redeemed against future business profits, fixing their own effective rates of return. This is a very handy technique for anonymous crowd-funding and rewarding your supporters!

These token gold (TGOLD) vouchers are not money of general circulation, but you will be able to hold them in a real wallet. To receive your TGOLD voucher, you will need to download a wallet client, create a wallet, and then tell us your wallet ID while making a qualifying purchase. (A "qualifying purchase" is generally one of the higher participation levels, or one in which you paid extra in order to receive a larger rebate.) After your payment has cleared and you have supplied us with your wallet ID, we will issue the TGOLD voucher to your wallet. You will then have 7 days to pick it up. (We'll send you an email notification when the voucher is issued.)

Note: this is a limited time offer. At some point in the future, additional issuance of TGOLD may be discontinued.

Redemption Options for TGOLD

Until the Alliance generates profits and chooses to redeem TGOLD by providing buy orders on the SilentVault Exchange (SVX), the best way to redeem TGOLD is to place a sell order on that same exchange.

The SVX system is explained in tutorials found here.

You should be aware that your offer to sell TGOLD on the SVX does not mean that anyone else is a willing buyer. You may wish to encourage others to become digital cash users in order to increase your audience for the sell order. It is a principle of free markets that a willing seller and a willing buyer make a market. We'd like you to be able to get as much bitcoin, litecoin, silver, Silent Bitcoin, Silent Litecoin, or RGOLD as possible for your TGOLD. So we'll continue to promote and market the Digital Cash Alliance. You are welcome to do likewise. Please let us know if you would like suggestions on how to encourage others to use digital cash.