RGOLD Agents

An RGOLD Registered Agent is anyone joining the Alliance with a special payment of US$1,000 for the purpose of becoming a secondary dealer in Rebate Gold (RGOLD).

Any Silver, Gold, or Platinum Ally member may also register as an Agent for dealing in Rebate Gold (RGOLD), by making a further payment of US$1,000 as an Agent registration fee. This registration is good for one year, after which it must be renewed. (The renewal fee may be waived depending on the volume of business done by the Agent during the preceeding year.)

Registered Agents gain the ability to purchase and redeem RGOLD directly. Where Agent purchases are involved, there is no merchandise delivered. Instead, 5% of the total purchases from Agents are bundled up and donated to one of several charities supported by the Digital Cash Alliance. It is this bunding and donation service which is the product provided by the Alliance in such sales. RGOLD rebates are then issued to the Agent for the remaining 95% of purchase.

Unlike with RGOLD obtained by a customer as a rebate on a purchase of merchandise, all Agent redemptions of RGOLD are subject to a 5% processing fee. (Thus they may both buy and redeem RGOLD for a net 5% charge in either direction.) An Agent can then make a retail market in RGOLD, presumably for a competitive rate above the 5% in and out-exchange costs paid by all Agents. Agents may work in local or online markets, utilize additional payment methods with their own customers, establish rates and fees, and customer acceptance policies, etc., as they see fit. Agents may be individuals or corporate entities.

A Caution: Registered Agents who acquire RGOLD and resell it to others for a fee, or who purchase it from others and redeem it for a fee, or both, may make themselves subject to money transmitter regulations in their local jurisdiction. Agents and would-be Agents are expected to understand their legal position and to obtain any required licenses. The Digital Cash Alliance cannot give legal advice, or be responsible for any adverse legal consequences for Agents in the conduct of their business.

We would urge, however, that those wishing to act as Agents in the United States inform themselves as to the legal meaning of the phrase "engaged in trade or business," which bears directly on the potential applicability of 31 U.S. Code ยง 5312 - 5332 ff., and other laws, to their activities.