VPN Logins for Sale

Thank you for your interest in our Silver, Gold, and Platinum Ally packages. In this post-Snowden, anti-privacy world where global surveillance is worse than Orwell could have imagined, your internet privacy is basically non-existent if you do not take steps to protect it. One of the simplest and best tools available is using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. A VPN reroutes all of your internet activity, breaking the linkage to your IP address, and hence to your physical location.

At the Digital Cash Alliance, we not only sell premium VPN credentials good for one or more years, we'll actually go one better by throwing in a free digital cash wallet client (also useful for private instant messaging chat), plus rebates to our customers paid in our untraceable, gold-backed rebate currency, RGOLD. Our Ally packages described below will not only get you launched on the path to reclaiming your internet privacy, but will get you into the world of private, untraceable money and payments as well!

With any package you select, you will receive ElanVPN Max Security VPN login credentials good for one year (two years for Platinum), along with one of your choice of inspiring books by agorist authors. (Click here to see a description of the available books.) A Join the Revolution t-shirt will be added, while supplies last. You will also receive a mininum of US$ 100.00 worth of RGOLD, our gold-backed rebate currency, which we will distribute to your wallet Id once we've received your payment and process your order. You may redeem this rebate if you choose, save it, or spend it to someone else (who can redeem it themselves when they wish).

If you would like an even larger rebate, simply add an additional dollar amount to your order, and we will supply you with $1.00 more RGOLD, for each additional dollar you pay to us. If you would like to spend more than a total of $999.99, please consider buying one of our larger Ally packages.

If you have not yet done so, you will need to download and install a wallet client (see Download in the top menu above). You will then need to create a digital cash wallet in order to receive your rebates. You may tell us that wallet Id here when placing your order, or enter SKIP on the form below and send it to us later. (We will email you to ask for it when we've received your order payment and are ready to send you your rebate.)

If you purchase a book in printed form, or accept a bonus t-shirt, we will of course need a shipping address in order to send it to you. We will never share this address with any third party, period. If you buy an ebook, it will be delivered to you via email or a download URL. You can waive off the bonus t-shirt if you prefer not to disclose a mailing address.

Calls at the United Nations for a Geneva Convention for the internet are all well and good, but expecting "authorities" to do anything about the problem is highly unrealistic. Privacy is individual, so we have to reclaim it as individuals. Note to the statist authoritarians: we'll see your fascist surveillance state and raise you digital cash payments you can't even see! Free speech forever, baby!

US$ 500.00

You will receive these digital cash rebates paid to your wallet Id:


US$ 500.00

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