The Digital Cash Alliance

We are an association of digital currency issuers and payment processors, wholesale brokers and retail agents, merchants, software developers, and end users. We are dedicated to privacy and to providing all of the anonymity and untraceability of physical cash in the context of free market digital money online.

We sell anonymizing VPN services, and provide a free download of our wallet client, which is also a full-function XMPP/Jabber chat client with OTR support. Our digital cash technology can potentially make anonymous p2p money out of any type of asset the marketplace is willing to accept. A payment is just another kind of message, and you have an unalienable right to free speech, without surveillance!

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What is Digital Cash?

Digital cash is anonymous, untraceable, cryptographically secure money representing actual assets such as gold, silver, national currencies, or other asset types, which circulates in a private global wallet messaging system built on top of XMPP.

Our digital cash system is built using Voucher-Safe technology, which was originally developed between 2008 and 2011. Significant enhancements providing a web payment gateway, an escrow-backed p2p asset Exchange, and an API for deploying Marketplace applications within the wallet client using plugins, were developed by SilentVault in 2012 - 2015.

Today ongoing development is being spearheaded by The Ascension Foundation. There are currently digital cash Issuers for Gold (RGOLD), Bitcoin (Silent Bitcoin), Litecoin (Silent Litecoin), Silver (Silent Silver), plus US Dollars and Canadian Dollars, with more Issuers being negotiated. Unlike cryptocurrency wallets which are dedicated to a particular block chain, our wallets can contain vouchers representing any number of currencies, just like a physical wallet can hold currency from different countries. All of them can be held and circulated anonymously, without leaving any footprints on a public ledger or ever recording an IP address.

Digital cash worthy of the name must act just like physical cash!

Why Digital Cash?

First, because privacy. Every form of state-sanctioned electronic money is controlled, monitored, and thoroughly spied upon by governments, either directly or through their many "licensed institutions." Second, because the choice of what to use as money should be up to the free market, not to the state.

Blanket recording and monitoring of financial transactions is always justified in the name of "stopping crime." And yet the net result of this privacy-free global system is that governments fund war, ethnic cleansing, torture, and terrorism all over the world, while "too big to jail" commercial banks launder trillions in narcotics money, all in plain view without any criminal prosecutions. Meanwhile someone who uses bitcoin to buy $100 worth of the wrong herbs can get arrested.

Not only does this constitute hypocrisy on an epic scale, but the whole edifice rests upon a false premise: that the state possesses some inherent right to monitor all financial transactions within its jurisdiction. (Or, in the case of the laughably overreaching U.S. government, anywhere around the entire globe.)

But governments possess no such right. On the contrary, people everywhere have an inherent, God-given right to privacy and immunity from surveillance. Honestly, just who do these uppity "public servants" think they are, anyway? It's plainly the people who should be spying on their governments, not vice versa, since the state today is essentially Highly Organized Crime.

Our technology brings financial privacy sharply into focus, simply because it's built on top of XMPP instant messaging. Free speech and private transactions blend together.

A payment is just another kind of message!

Pro-Privacy Products

We provide two types of technology which will enhance your privacy both for your general communications and for your financial affairs online. First, we offer a state-of-the art VPN subscription service. Second, we provide a full-function Jabber client which doubles as a digital cash wallet application.

We are proud to have a reselling arrangement with a premiere and long-established VPN service provider, ElanVPN. Their network architecture geographically separates login gateways from service gateways, so that the server that knows which user you are has no idea where you surf; while the servers that actually carry your traffic have no idea about your identity. They also remix traffic and insert small random time delays across their network to help defeat traffic analysis. Most VPN providers are not this sophisticated.

Our wallet client (a free download!) is also a robust Jabber/XMPP chat client, with support for TLS-secured connections, multi-user chat rooms, "Off-the-Record" (OTR) end-to-end encryption, private file transfer, automatic language translation, and other features. It is also highly configurable, and provides a plugin architecture for drop-in extensions to its base functionality. Our rebranded custom app is based on the latest version of Spark, from Ignite Realtime.

Use the VPN and our wallet client together for an awesome privacy experience!

How to Participate

You can support our work by making donations, by buying books and VPN login credentials on this site, or by opening up an account at CryptoWealth. You can also partner with Ascension as a merchant, or even as the Issuer of your own integrated digital currency! Yes, we're also an ICO platform.

The usefulness of digital cash to the individual, merchant, and free association is so great that you have to expect it will be attacked by government agencies, tax collectors, and various groups that support authoritarian governments. Our success may depend in some measure on your participation. You may participate at many different levels from anonymous contributor to Voucher Publisher. See our Products section for more information, for both retail products and business opportunities.

We invite you to join the Rebel Alliance against the Empire of Debt, War, and Surveillance!

Is This Like Bitcoin?

In a word, no. This is bigger than Bitcoin, which is just one of the assets supporting a form of digital cash. Moreover the architecture of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) suffers from some significant defects, especially in regard to privacy.

For an in-depth look at problems with the architecture of modern cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (also how our digital cash architecture solves them!), please click here.

Anticipated Questions (FAQ)

Many sites feature a Frequently Asked Questions section, but we're being proactive and answering in advance some questions which it occurs to us that visitors might ask. If your question isn't listed here, feel free to use our Contact page.

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